The Concept of violence

The Concept of violence

The Concept of violence


Violence expresses one of the bad, unacceptable and negative behaviors, and it is a serious societal phenomenon. It has devastating effects on the cohesion, strength and continuity of society as well. It is the act that a person performs towards himself or towards others, causing them physical and psychological damage. In fact, It is exposed to violence by adults and children, and both genders, male and female. It is a phenomenon that is widespread globally and everywhere, as it can be noticed in schools, between spouses, at work and others. In this article, we will talk about the causes and types of violence, and discuss violence against children as an example of violence in societies.

types of violence

There are many types of violence practiced by some people

 - Verbal violence or psychological violence, through the use of degrading expressions and hurtful phrases, and destructive comments towards a specific person, or even said by a person to himself , in addition to threats and intimidation.

- Physical violence, through being beaten, kicked, suffocated, imprisoned, tying a person, and using sharp tools that leave scars on the person internally and on the body parts such as bruises and various wounds.

Causes of violence

The phenomenon of violence has many factors and causes, including the following:

 -Make comparisons between the person himself and those around him.
 -Social legacies that require a male boy to be different from a female girl, thus depriving her of her rights or beating her and imprisoning her.
- Ignorance and lack of awareness among individuals and in society.
 -Constant sense of inferiority and low self-confidence.
 -Extremism, whether religious or political, and intolerance of the other.
 -Nervousness and inability to control impulses.
 -Substances that lose the mind and therefore do not have control over the situation, such as drug abuse and alcohol consumption.
 -Bad parenting and bad role models too.
 -bad friends

Violence against children as an example

Children in society in particular are exposed to many types of violence, including the following:

-Violence in schools, and this is done through being beaten or profaned, and offensive and abusive comments by their colleagues or even from principals or teachers.
 -Street violence, which is when a child is beaten, abusive talk, or other indecent behavior while he is or is playing in the street.
 -Child labor, by forcing children to go out to the streets to sell and leave school at a young age, depriving them of their most basic and most important right in life, which is education.
 -Violence within the family, through parents' continuous violence against them, verbal abuse, beatings, and underestimation of their feelings, dreams and rights.