Seduction Simplified: How to Build an Attractive Personality Through Personal Development to Attract Women by German Muhlenberg

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Seduction Simplified Full version How to Create Powerful Self Confidence Habits to Change Your Life with women by German
If your typical Saturday night are those where you stand around in the bar with the glass at chest height watching others having fun while you feel miserable then this is the right book for you.

Most books or seduction guides will try to give you advice on what to do or say to women. They will tell you which techniques are best for you to get not only her, but any woman and almost instantaneously.

This book is not about what to say to women, but focuses on creating a more attractive personality. It will not be instantaneous, it will take time, you'll never be able to conquer them all and many will reject you.

But I can assure you one thing, it will work!

The reason most books do not work is because they do not address the underlying problem, instead they promote techniques that attempt to compensate for personality deficits. They seek to cover up the problem but not solve it so your fears and insecurities are still there. It's like trying to cover the crack in the Titanic with a bandaid. No matter how many you use, it will never be enough.

Those for whom these techniques will be necessary subconsciously feel they are not good enough to conquer them. Men who are most successful are those who do not see the woman above themselves. Thus the game becomes simple and natural.

That is why I faithfully believe that success with women is based on the development of our personality. Self-development and being an attractive man are inseparable. If you are failing with women, you are doing something wrong.

This book explores how to build an attractive personality through personal development. It offers a new perspective that puts individual growth as the key to enjoying a full social life and being successful with women. It also helps open the door to unknown depths of ourselves. It is an invitation to discover our own assets and be honest with ourselves in order to meet and relate with women. This work describes in detail introspective mechanisms that will allow us to explore and look into our own attractiveness in a new light.

Seduction Simplified is easily accessible and uncomplicates the complicated.

The book will help you to:
- Assume a different attitude towards women
- Develop your identity
- Discover what attracts women
- Improve your self-esteem
- Be confident
- Learn the difference between generating attraction in women and seeking their approval
- Improve your emotional and social intelligence
- Overcome shyness
- Develop an attractive personality based on your interests
- Deepen your relationships and network effectively
- Understand the meaning of happiness and how it can affect our attractiveness

This book Also take you into five different romantic stories from my travel around the world. This histories are real and describe the situations as a intimate diary.

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