The Impact of Technology on Children.

The Impact of Technology on Children.

 Numerous studies have shown that technology has positive and negative effects in terms of children’s ability to think, as it not only affects the way they think, but also affects the way their brains grow and develop, as technology writer Nicholas Carr stresses the ability of reading to Raising the level of focus and imagination in the brain, and on the other hand, on the ability of technology to stimulate the brain to examine and store information quickly and efficiently, with an emphasis on that the quality of technology that is provided to children and the way it is presented to them is what makes it harmful or beneficial to the process of developing thinking in children, especially in the early years of their life.

 The impact of technology on children's behavior.

Scientists have linked the excessive use of technology with raising the risk of dangerous behaviors in children and other mood swings, and also linked between moderate use of technology and its ability to develop a number of cognitive and social skills, and many studies have been published showing the negative and positive effects of technology in this field, including:

 The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescents in 2010, reported that excessive use of technology had broken emotional bonds between parents and their children, while moderate use of it maintained these bonds.

The study published by Kelly Lorson, professor of kinesiology and recreation at Illinois State University, stated that excessive use of technology caused children to increase fat percentage, in addition to decreasing their sleep hours, and vice versa.

The study, published at Queen's University in Canada, reported that volunteers who used technology 3 to 4 hours a day were 50 percent more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as smoking or drug use. On the positive side, some research has reported that social networking sites and video games help develop certain types of skills.

The impact of technology on the sensory development of children

Children who overuse technology and video games can be exposed to many violent scenes that raise their adrenaline rate and stress levels, due to their inability to discern the reality of what they are watching. The different technologies raise the heart rate in addition to the higher stress levels of the sensory system.